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Times are difficult right now; we all know this to be the case. So how do we marshal ourselves to keep working towards the better future we know is possible? Part of this work is about harnessing stories of hope and possibility. Not fairytales of happy ever after, but real stories of lives transformed through the human endeavour of working together and trying to do better.

As part of the NDTi Small Supports Programme, I was tasked with meeting with people supported by Small Supports organisations and asking them to talk of their experience of the health and social care system. Also, to listen to their stories about the way Small Supports organisations had made a difference to their lives.

The output from these conversations is this handcrafted collection of stories, each reflective of the art of social care. An art that, at best, places the person at the centre and weaves a fabric of meaning and purpose through relationships and connections. Each story is as unique as the person who told it. It is barely a chapter in their life. And each story ends with the suspenseful idea of more and better to come.

We borrowed the concept of the Living Libraries, from a project that collects and shares people’s memories and experiences of public libraries in the UK. We adapted it to collect and share people’s memories and experiences of people who receive support from Small Supports organisations.

We are aware that people’s stories get taken and used in all sorts of ways. We wanted to do something different to ensure that people own their own stories, that they are recognised maintain ownership and receive recognition as the authors of their own story. We are trying to setting up the website up to reflect this. We hope to develop a contribution/donation page, in recognition of the storytellers. This is a work in progress. In the meantime, if you would like to share your appreciation, we would ask that you write your thoughts and feedback in the comments section of this website and we will ensure these are passed to the storytellers.


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Storytellers Assistant  

NDTi Associate 

Founder and CEO of C-Change Scotland 

Sam Smith

Introduction Sam Smith
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Living Library Small Supports - Introduction AudioSam Smith
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Our Words, our stories, creates our reality.

Our words, our stories, creates our reality.

Rebecca Solnit 

Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart bigger.

Ben Okri

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